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The most popular questions and answers.

By booking me to voice your project you’re booking a broadcast quality recording studio that many well known clients have used.

All you have to do is either give me a call or send me an email regarding your script/production and we can chat through prices and the process.

The Recording fee + the usage fee 

The recording fee is also known as a BSF (Basic Studio/Session Fee). This hourly rate is for the use of the studio, editing software, equipment and for the voice session.

Voice over costs vary in price because every project is different. Although I work by Equity UK rates.

To understand the usage, clients should think  about:

  • Who the client is?
  • Where will the voice over be heard?
  • Is it for internal or public use?
  • How many times will the voice over be heard?
  • For how long will it be used for?
  • On how many platforms?
  • Is the audience big or small?

I charge a basic fee, then a small price per prompt. Please get in touch for a quote.

On-hold messages are licensed for use for 12 months from date of recording.

Yes. You can do this via phone, Skype or Source Connect. I’m also happy to demo a few lines, have you approve the tone, and then self-direct, which most clients use these days as it saves you time to get on with other things. I can then send you the finished audio via email with a downloadable link or FTP.

Nope!  I can chat to people while i’m the studio via Skype, Source Connect or on the telephone. I can listen to you via my headphones as I record your script.

You can pay by bank transfer, cheque, credit card or Paypal (a small Paypal fee applies).   We can discuss how you would prefer to settle your invoice as part of the quoting process.